Buckeye Plumbing Service Department

The service division has been serving Palm Beach and neighboring counties for over 30 years and is located in West Palm Beach. Our experienced technicians include Gas Specialists, Master Plumbers, Backflow Specialists and Water Filtration Specialists.

Our Team

Our Office Staff is trained to give you as much information as possible so that your service call is handled professionally and efficiently. They will schedule your service, follow-up on your call, work with your technician and municipality and work hard to resolve your call with the least amount of stress as possible. They are customer service professionals!

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Our Backflow Division

Our Backflow department technicians and customer service reps are dedicated to the accurate testing and processing of your Backflow Certification, Repair or Installation.  

Water Filtration and Water Services

Our service division has been in business over 20 years and is located in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. We have several technicians made up of Water Filtration Specialists, Backflow Specialists and Master Plumbers.

Star Program The STAR Service Program Offers Special Value Rates To Customers