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very satisfied great tech

Jack was able to correct plumbing issues 3 other companies were unable fix.

Very satisfied !!


Quick Service!

Had a specialist come in to give me an estimate for the repairs of a leaking toilet. Had to be redone almost entirely. He offered to fix it there the same day, I was in a bit of a rush but he said he's have it done within the time I had.

To my surprise, he finished exactly when he told me he would, I didn't have to wait around and miss my appointment! 



This was my second appointment with Buckeye Plumbing and I could not be more pleased than I already was from my first visit with them. Jack the technician is who I use and he is very knowledgable about ALL aspects when it comes to plumbing problems. I have also used two other technicians, Andrew and Wesley who are also trained well. Jack has been here on more than one issue and he did an excellent job on both occasions! I don't think you could find a better plumber or comapany that will do the job right the first time or come back if you are not satisfied!!  I highly recommend Buckeye Plumbing for all your plumbing problems and trust that they will make sure your satisfied with their work before they leave!  TRY THEM YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN!! You can't go wrong...thanks Jack you are awesome!! I give them a five star rating!!! 



Slab leak and Repair

I was very please with the entire experience with Buckeye Plumbing and the Tec that preformed the work.  I have refered Buckeye to my Clients many times, but this time it was for my family.

They were on time. Stayed until the job was complete and left our property Clean! Great Job Guy.  

Pamela Brown, American Public Adjusting.



When my washing machine drained, it caused water to bubble up in all my sinks and toilets. Buckeye sent Hugo to determine the cause. But, of course, when Hugo asked me to start a laundry so he could watch the water flow outside, my machine worked admirably; no issues! He checked the under-sink filters, and while they weren't the reason for the call, one filter was not functioning properly. While replacing the filter, Hugo asked me to start another laundry. THAT was it! Water began coming up out of the sinks, showers, toilets. Hugo then saw the backflow problem and began to snake the line outside my home. He went 100' before the dam broke (so to speak); and the water began flowing out, instead of in! We ran an abundance of water to ensure the flow continued freely; and I have since used the washing machine (and dish washer) without incident. Needless to say, I am grateful for Hugo's patience, and competence. And I know that Buckeye stands behind their work, in the event the problem recurs. Thank you!


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