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Unsatisfactory Service

We were very satisfied with their service when they initially installed a new water heater for my family; upon installing the water heater, the original tech informed me that the cartridge for the shower faucet would need to be repaired or replaced, as it was not sealing correctly when the hot water was on, making the water slightly warm instead of hot. He said it was a pretty simple fix and wouldn't take long, but our budget was tight at the moment, so I thanked him for informing me and I told him I would contact Buckeye Plumbing at a later date to have it fixed.
A few months later, I called Buckeye to come repair the faucet; they sent out another tech who took apart the faucet and concluded it needed to be replaced and he would need to order the part, which was understandable. We were then charged $97 for him to do the above diagnostic, which took 10 minutes and the previous tech practically did already. Also, that night when I went to shower, I found out that the shower now no longer worked - water would barely trickle out of the shower head. Later that week, I was informed that the replacement cartridge installation would cost $337; I asked if the charge for the diagnostic could be used as a credit towards the installation, since that had been the case when we went through the process with the water heater replacement and the original tech had already diagnosed the issue while he was installing the water heater we had purchased. This request was denied however, which would make the total cost of repair for this shower faucet to come to $434.
Concerned about this cost, I then made inquiries to a few friends of mine who are savvy on home repairs and found out that the installation is not complicated, taking approximately 10-15 minutes and the cartridge itself costs $30. At learning this, I was even more surprised that we were being charged so much for something so inexpensive and simple to fix.
Needless to say, we are very disappointed with this experience, especially being returning customers, and we would now have to be hard pressed to request service from Buckeye Plumbing again.


Great Service

Buckeye was recommended by another satisfied customer.  I could not have been more pleased with Tony's professionalism.  He made 2 visits to my home.   I found him knowledgeble, couteous, & efficient.  He did a number of jobs ranging from basic to complex with recommendations that were just what I needed.   He was a pleasure to deal with deal with in every way.  I have finally found a company that is professional from start to finish, and a pleasure from initial HELP to follow-up.  THANK YOU BUCKEYE!!  


Excellent Service

Needed emergency repair service over the weekend when our garbage disposal started leaking and flooded the entire cabinet under the sink.  The garbage disposal needed to be replaced asap.  Called Buceye Plumbing for the first time.  Was greeted very professionally by Jackie who reassured us that a technician was available and the problem would be resolved fast.  The technician, Tony, arrived within 30 minutes.  The Buceye Technician was was the best. very professional  polite  explained what he was doing kept work area clean fast pricing was very reasonable We would recommend Buceye Plumbing to any friend or family member in need.     Thank you Jackie and Tony.  Job well done.      



We have used Buckeye in the past.  They have been around for many, many years.  Have always heard good things about them.  They are always quick, clean and professional.  Will continue to use them as our go to plumbers.  Would also like to thank Paul, the technician.  We give them 5 stars.


Family Owned * Good People * Experienced Techs

Great Company...super people to work with.


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